How to get Chairperson? - FAQ

Hihi, I have decided to write this forums because most of Warden keep asking how do i become CP? So here is the answers.

  • Pass the inspection
    If you pass inspection as Warden and not on Rank Cooldown you will get Chairperson rank, Inspection can be hosted by CAC+ one a week.

  • Work really hard untill CAC+ think you deserved this position.
    If you work really hard untill someone in HC Team think you deserved the CP position so they might promote you.

  • Be an helpers in Training
    Become an helpers at Training will higher your chance to get CP rank.

  • Do patrols logs
    If you do the patrol logs that can higher your chance because we can check your activity there too.

  • Buy rank
    If you bought the rank so you should get it, If the bot not rank you please DM monké#0001 or someone else.

  • Attend riot protocol as staff team
    If you attending riot protocol it will have a chance that you will get promoted to Chairperson if your work outstanding.

Note: This is not all the ways how you get Chairperson.


WOW. That’s a amazing! That’s gonna help so many people. :wink:

So you have to do all of these or just one? Or do one and if you do the others it increases your chances? Im confused.

Depends, things like patrol logs help getting cp trough activity, while it doesn’t matter if you get it trough an inspection

Or you can buy it ofcourse

Oh I see now! I didn’t read it through completely!

Sadly I don’t think you can get CP during a RPC (Riot Protocol) because I just joined one today and the host said wardens can’t be promoted anymore.


how to edit idk how someone tell me pls

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whats rpc riot protocol ddsdsdsdsdsds

I can tell you the requirements to get the rank Chairperson (CP)!

-Using grammar and being respectful to others

-Being active, joining Shifts and helping out in Trainings

-Doing Patrol Logs, click here → Discord ← to submit your patrol logs.

-Be in both of the Discord servers:

I hope this helps.


@mallarows - Prison Commissioner

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