How to get Chairperson [Tips provided by a Chairperson for now]

Hi folks!

So maybe some people wonder on how to get Chairperson. Some tips are to:

Be active. You should be active in-game and possibly have high levels. If Community Advisory Council+ notices you, you might get CP.

Attend inspections. Inspections give a chance for you to get promoted from W-CP or CP-FD. Sometimes it becomes FD-CAC. This type of session comes a little in a week, but it depends.

Attend sessions. This is a form of activity and can possibly make you noticed.

Those are the tips I found from others and well made a post on this.

Thanks for reading!

This information is accurate for now.

Chairperson at Stateview Correctional Facility for now

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Trust me just staying in game for 8 hours wont help you get noticed. Most CAC+ don’t have the time to be in game if they arent hosting so just try to attend their sessions and maybe talk in the discord while waiting.

What if your like me scared to talk to others? Not having the confidence to talk? I have been in the discord server for at least 2 1/2 months and said nothing once in a while said hi but that’s about it.

Well, you dont have to. I barely had any discord activity until i became FD. But you definitely need discord activity after that and being an already established member of the server would help.

Doesnt matter that much for promos to FD-