How to get CO's out of control room

I always see so many cadet officers in the control room and when I tell them that its COMM plus they either ignore me or say “I’m roleplaying”. I am rarely in the control room but it happens to all of my friends too is there a way to get them out besides repeating that they can’t be in there?


You could try and call a mod in your game, or report it in intel. (NOTE: to report in intel, proof is required., NOTE 2: To call a mod, just say ingame “modcall {person in control room’s username} in unauthorized area.”)


I would advise checking if there are any overseer command or high command members in game first. If there are OC or HICOM in game, ask them to remove them from the room. If not, just do a modcall.

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idk maybe do a lil trick called “record and report”

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blow their head off with awp


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@blahlols13 Most sane OC response :speaking_head: :fire:



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Maybe I would if the awp didn’t fire at the opposite direction from where I clicked.

You use !modcall {Put why here}

Don’t use an ! Also, please put the name. It’s easier for GA.

You need to use ! or it will not will.

It doesn’t work if you do !modcall, it’s just Modcall

That does not work and it never will.

Hey koko12121,

The modcall command in-game does work, you’ll see a notification at the top of your screen stating that a game administrator is on their way.

Game administrators may take some time to respond to your modcall, it all depends on the amount of modcalls we are getting at any given time and the demand as well.

Prison Commissioner,
Game Administration,
Stateview Community Management

Bro :skull_and_crossbones: it’s modcall, no !. I’ve done it lots of times…

you dont need a !.."……….

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