How to get CP faster

Note: In this guide I will tell everything that is already known in stateview, there is no secret information but that many forget.

Helll there! today I will help you understand how to become a Chairperson in stateview! First of all, you need to know that the staff are interested in some very important points that you may not remember.

  1. Activity: you have to be very active in stateview and be professional at all times, this will help you to be noticed by the highest ranks.

  2. Skills: You have to understand that by skills we do not mean aiming! but your leadership, the sense of learning and the work you put into it when you’re online.

  3. Grammar: You must know well that being CP involves having a perfect grammar in the game, so I suggest you download some application that can help.

  4. Level: To be a CP you must have at least a level of 75.

  5. Shifts, Trainings and Riot Protocols: You need to know, that to become a CP must first, beyond the level, have a certain number of Hard workers in Shifts and Helper in Trainings, you must have done more than: 10+ Hardest worker in Shifts and 5+ Helper in Trainings. In Riot Protocols the host will give to your team a area to defend, to be the best team you must defend the area till the host calls you back in session room (You still must communicate a lot)

  6. Inspections: Inspections are rare here in stateview, they are hosted by Prision Commissioners+ and they are a mandatory. They are just like a training but a little bit difficult, here a Warden can be promoted to Chairperson and Chairperson can be promoted to Facility Director.

Here’s all from my experience, keep in mind to always check #session channel in discord and join them, i hope this will help more people as possible!!