How to get promoted from warden to superintendent

I don’t know how to do it. When I passed a trainng as warden i didn’t get promotion because of “requirements”. I don’t know why I didn’t get promoted when I passed and when there are any requirements for promotion please tell me.

Dear @kapi123xd123lol:

You may be promoted from promotional sessions [inspections/trainings] only. However, when attending these certain sessions- The hosts/supervisor(s) may do a background check to ensure you meet our promotional expectations.

However… There really should be no reason why anyone shouldn’t meet the requirements, if a Warden passes a promotional session.

Next time you attend a promotional session [inspections/trainings] and pass, but do not recive a promotion- Please contact me at Trey#9782 /


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But what are three expectations sir?

I’m not sure but if you’ve been banned 5 times before for the same reason I don’t think you’ll be promoted. Maybe some other game activity like attending shifts etc but yeah, I’m not sure.

As Trey said, it’s hard for someone not to meet the requirements.

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Is still do not know why i get banned, but that’s have anything to promotion? If yes how i can just clear it?

How do you know how much Times i fot banned?!