How to give promotion?

After that FD+ said the passers of the training how he will give them the promotion? I don t know how and which rank can give promotion. I am now CP but I want just know how that s working.

A CAC+ can give a promotion and they have to log it in promotion-logs in the intel server.

So the Host of training need only locate the passers and send them to CAC+, yes?

Yes, basically the host look who passed 3/4 phases, checks cooldowns and sends the passers who can be promoted to the CAC+ who will rank them and log the promo.

Yes dorsal is right. Any CAC+ can rank

A CAC+ would rank the passers by Stateview Rank system but before they look at CD.

A CAC+ should be there to rank.

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Greetings @KEPLER_5871!

The supervisor of the training which is supposed to be a Community Advisory Council or higher is allowed to promote, the Host will communicate the passers to the supervisor and the supervisor will promote them. CAC+ are allowed to also promote CP-FD with a permission from Prison Commissioner.


Hello, KEPLER_5871!
Promoting Medical Officer-SuperIntendent is CAC+.
You can manage to get somebody promoted by co-hosting a training, or hosting a promotional shift with CoS+ supervisor.
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