How to tell how much time Is remaining on a Suspension!

So I am a Suspended W.
My Lev. is 64.
My Username Is ''Soul_Sniper4890".
I received a 7-day ban + a Suspension For abusing the Votekick System.
I served my Ban,
Now I am serving a suspension for an unknown amount of time.
Just wondering if there is a way for me to tell how much time I have left on my suspension?

Suspended Warden
Level 64.

When your ban is over ask a CAC+ to rank you back and they should be telling you.

I uhh, We dont suspend for VKA. The reason its not ending is that it probably isnt a suspension. You were likely terminated for votekick abuse, not suspended. Sooo that explains it.
Still ranked to SSI but yeah.

Oh damn, he VKAed? Well, then it wont end except your appeal gets accepted or you work your way back up through trainings.

He says VKA so I assume so :man_shrugging:

Oh, I didn’t see that. Yeah rip :confused: