I am a warden, and i want to help in the training

Hi, im a warden level 64 and I want to show my activity but I’ve only been in Shifts and I´d like to help in the Trainings but I want to know what helpers do in that kind of sesions.

You do scenarios meaning you have to rp a Situation, then the attendees will have to respond. You can also be target in shooting, just run from left to right


thx, well now I will encourage me to try to be a helper in the trainings. But is hard :frowning: @Jonah

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It is also recommended that you have the guide so that you can see if it’s right or wrong. @Dacuper_capitan1cm

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It is recommended to use the guide while helping a training, it will improve the overall quality and it won’t make you look awkward.

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Yo go to the host a complain that you never get to help