I am doing a video about how to start in SV and this is script of it

The only thing they updated 7 months ago was the rank limits. the rank description has been there since 2021 :skull:

COM can activate LD with perms by DW+.

no, it’s DW+ to activate

they can’t give perms to activate


minor correction

ceo is above svl in group

Minor correction, SVL can literally promote people to CEO. SVL, not COS, BDT, CMOTB, are above CEO, they are literally the owners of SV.

Ok i will fix it

no its comm+ in cr, pi+ for panels, and dw+ for ld

COM can do panels, except for LD.

I am lost :smiling_face_with_tear:

LD is for
  • COMM+
  • DW+
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That it was the decision from DW+ wether to toggle the LD eas clear.

I want to help, I sent your a friend request, my username is “MrPanda” or you can find me in the discord server by typing “@mrpanda151013” my rank is Chairperson soupy don’t get mixed up,