I am doing a video about how to start in SV and this is script of it

Hello, I want to do a video about SV, I am still working on it but I would be happy if you commented it said what to add what to type better… I am working on it with @kubo160 , @sparkvy and @destructobossss (And we are still working on it)
So this is my script:
Stateview Prison Guide Script

  • When you join the game for the first time, you will get rank guest, but if you join their roblox group before completing the officer quiz, you will get rank low security inmate [LSI]
  • After completing the officer quiz, you will receive the first officer rank: Cadet Officer [CaO]
  • We divide the ranks into 5 groups: Low Rank, Middle Rank, High Rank, Super High Rank and Stateview Executive
  • Low Rank: Suspended Security Inmate [SSI], Low Security Inmate, Respected Inmate [RI], Cadet Officer [CaO], Correctional Officer [CO], Emergency Response Team [ERT], Commander [COMM], Prison Inspector [PI], Deputy Warden [DW], Warden [W]
  • Middle Rank: Superintendent [SI], Chairperson [CP], Facility Director [FD]
  • High Rank: Community Advisory Council [CAC], Prison Commissioner [PC], Board of Governors [BoG]
  • Super High Rank: Chief of Staff [CoS], Branch Diversity Team [BDT], Board of Directors [BoD], Federal Governor [FG], Chairman of the Board [CmotB]
  • Stateview Executive: Stateview Leadership [SL], Chief Executive Officer [CEO]
  • Only Low Ranks can also be obtained using levels and participating in sessions : CaO-level 0, CO-level 3, ERT-level 4, COMM-level 8, PI-level 16, DW-level 32, W-level 64.However, RI can only be obtained by resigning from a high rank position and SSI is given to rule breakers in the game.
  • Now I’ll go to normal roleplay
  • There is a radio in the upper left corner
  • Use the T key to turn it on
  • When you write something in it, it will show to others on the radio the same thing you wrote
  • The radio is used to report status, call for help, make announcements…
  • Status means where you are right now, for example:

[SI] All status?

[PI] CR.

[CaO] Shower.

[CO] CB.

  • Inmate status is located in the upper left corner
  • Inmate status is the status where inmates are spawned and found
  • Players are very fond of using shortcuts for places, now I will explain them:

CB-Cell Block

CR-Control Room

Max-Maximum Security Cellblock


FG-Facility Gate

SR-Session Room

  • Only COMM+ can enter the Control Room,
  • The lockdown is activated in CR
  • Lockdown (LD) can only be triggered by DW+ in an ERT team and with good reason
  • If LD is started without a good reason, or with a rank lower than DW, it is considered LD abuse
  • Good reasons are: 3+ criminals raiding the prison, inmates escaping, or the police not being able to control the prison
  • During LD the CO team is tasked with transferring inmates to the target and the ERT team is tasked with saving/defending the prison from the threat
  • Criminals can also turn off the electricity in the Maintenance Room
  • To get there you need a Janitors Keycard
  • It is located in two places: at the entrance to the prison where the cameras are watching or the High Command Offices on the left side
  • The Maintenance Room is located at the entrance to the Maximum Security Yard on the left side
  • If criminals turn off the electricity, the electric chair, lights, radio and LD will stop working.
  • Warnings are given when: inmate has contraband, crosses the red line, tries to pickpocket, pickpocket or is in a restricted area
  • If they get 3 warnings, you put them in a Maximum Security Cell
  • If he has a gun/knife, you frisk him and put him in Solitary
  • If an inmate/criminal is running away from you, drag him and put him in handcuffs unless you are told otherwise SI+
  • What you get when you join the CO team: CaO-Taser and Handcuffs, Co±Taser, Handcuffs and Glock-18 (I don’t count gamepasses)
  • What you get when you join the ERT team: ERT±M4A1, Glock-18, Taser, Handcuffs, Riot Shield
  • How to get XP: by playing, arresting criminals, restoring electricity and completing quests
  • There are four quests: 1. Turn off the electricity
  1. Escape using the sewers

  2. Use the escape rope

  3. Escape the prison

  • When you have the role of criminal, you can only do quest number 1.
  • You can do all the quests with the inmate
  • There is also a Session Room where sessions are held
  • There are several types of sessions: Shift, Training, Advanced Training, Inspection, Smoke Session and Riot Protocol
  • I remind you that I will not write how to make them and their results, I will only write about them, what they are about, what they consist of…
  • The most hosted session is Shift
  • It’s a normal roleplay, it’s just that the roles are divided, and a session-drill will take place (LD, Blackout, Evacuation)
  • Shift should last approximately 25 minutes to 35 minutes (at Host’s discretion)
  • Host-CP+, Co-host-SI+, Helpers-None, Supervisor-FD+
  • Role:

Patrol: Guards the inmate status, reports what is happening (CaO+)

Scout: Guards around the prison, arrest criminals (CaO+)

Response: Guards throughout the prison go to checkpoints, answer and go to panic calls (ERT+)

Capitan: Organizes people, asks about status (W+)

Camera Operator (Cam-op): Reports what he sees on the cameras, sends people to places (PI+)

Drill Instructor: During the drill session, orders what to do. NOTE: DIs are only assigned in Evacuations or Blackouts (DW+)

  • There can be a maximum of 4 Hardest Workers (HW)
  • HW will be promoted if possible
  • Ranks from CaO to DW can be promoted
  • You need BoG+ or OC for evacuation
  • During the middle of the shift, a session drill will be run
  • During the LD drill, all inmates must be transported to the cells in the cellblock. It takes 3-5 minutes.
  • During the blackout drill, the electricity will be turned off and all inmates must be transported to the cellblock (Not to the cells). Police officers are also prohibited from leaving the cellblock until the situation is resolved. It takes 4-6 minutes
  • During the evacuation, it is the task of the police officers to evacuate all inmates to the yard exit-wall. Drill instructors stand at the yard tower door and determine what should be done by whom. Scouts guard the inmates against the wall. Response and patrol transport the inmates to the yard exit-wall. Inmates trying to escape can be held against the wall by handcuffs.
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Didn’t read but it’s nice :+1:

I would be happy if you would read it so i would know what to make better

It’s your script so you should do it yourself. But just make sure the info is correct.

Thats why i am asking the community: to verify if i have it right

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I only saw one thing wrong with this, and that is that you get a glock 17, not 18, as seen when you were talking about the CO and ERT teams.

i aint reading allat

Oh ok thanks for telling me i am going to edit it

Its like for 5 minutes of reading maybe less

Status does not mean where you are but rather what you are doing or how everything is doing. So ‘Status?’ asks for actions and reports.

[SI] Heading to FG.
[COMM] CB, clear.
[PI] Armed inmate at Sol/Max.

Kind regards,
CP | OC | ET | GA

Ok thanks i will edit it

Hi, here are the mistakes I found.

This isn’t a thing anymore.

SVL is above CEO.

SI can also be obtained in session.

Status doesn’t mean where are you, it means how everything is doing. Example “Status at CB”, “Status at FG”, etc.

The lockdown can be activated by Comm+, not DW+.

All inmates must be transfered to their cells at cell block.

It can be for other reasons, such as punching, terminating someone (when they are downed).

You get a glock 17, not a glock 18.

Still glock 17.

You can also use the escape rope when you are a criminal, and get the XP.

Anyone can be assignated to Response, even though they are not in the Response Team.

Best regards,
CP / IA / OC / GA

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COMM+ to be in CR, DW+ to activate lowdown

No, LD can be activated by Commander and above.

There was a Staff Announcement stating that it’s DW+ to activate Lockdown

This announcement was made a year ago.

This was edited 7 months ago.

Still DW+ for a lockdown.

Ok thanks i will edit it

Btw if someone wants to help me DM me on discord
My discord: kublestres1103