I found this website

Can anyone help me dd to this fandom wiki of stateview I found. It seems to be really outdated. Stateview Prison Wiki | Fandom


If you can get that updated for us, that would be very appreciated. :smiley:


Its not a 1 person job. But Trey could you take some screenshots of current rooms and find some of former rooms and send them to me on discord so I can put them on please. That would be great because I cant have any graphics on my PC or it just goes to 9999 ping or something.

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If you want to, I’d be willing to help update the Wiki. It’s indeed quite outdated.

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I need all the help I can get.


After :skull:

Nice. I think I might try send a request to adopt the wiki so I can help manage everything better.


I’ll be adding and detailing some stuff the next two weeks since I don’t have school - i’m sure the wiki will look great at the end :smile: