I got banned with no verbal warnings…

From: Blake
Username: Blakeh311

Hello Stateview, my account named Blakeh311 recently was permanently banned from Stateview Prison because “I was abusing the pm system” when I only used it to communicate with people and ask them some questions. This is what the pm system is used for in-game. I also did NOT get any warnings once how ever. I got banned from all servers and am unable to play the game in any type of way. If Stateview can help with this, that would be great. Thank you, Stateview Prison.

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If I were you I would appeal on intel.

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No you didn’t lmfao.

We don’t issue bans for “abusing the PM system”. In fact, that isn’t even a rule/regulation. There is no such thing as abusing the PM system

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Maybe what you said in the pm could have been bad…

Hi @Blake,

I’m not an expert on this but here’s what I would do in this kind of situation.

  1. Try to find the mod who gave you the P-ban and try to talk it out with he/she
  2. If that doesn’t work, try to get in touch with an hr that can help you.
  3. Make an appeal in the Stateview administration server
    Also, why you use it to talk to people on the server? Can you ask them without PMing them?

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Appeal in intel



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Also you have very bad grammar mistake :nerd_face: :point_up:

It’s actually him/her not he/she :nerd_face:

Bro, you don’t need to point that out…

You potentially commited an infraction that was serious enough in the eyes of our mods, you were not given any warnings and banned straight away.

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It’s called a joke


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You dont need to get VW’d to get banned

Cgs on getting banned tho
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