I lost all the levels (reset)

hello I lost all the levels before 6 or 7 weeks ago.
Before that I am a DW with 60 levels but I lost them all ,I was really sad for it I spent a lots of time for it.
in the game it shows I am a DW but 0 level.

How often does it occur:
It just on time

Where does it occur:
in the game

How to reproduce
I think it is impossible

Video showing the bug

my roblox username:
GREENIWND @greenwind_9487

rank in game:
DW(60 level before bug)(now 0)

It reseted everyone’s levels if this answers your question.

Hello! We had raid, that’s why everyone lost their levels. If you have proof of you being level 60, please DM to some SHR+. They maybe will fix it, or will help you deal with this problem.

You can dm siryeet#0001 i think

thank you for reply, but how can I DM to SHR. DO I need to join Discord?
I am a new user.

Yes, the server is discord.gg/stateview

Also you will get W if you press ALT + F4

This has been confirmed by wantbdt.com

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