I need help with verification on my discord account!

I tried calling using the in game call command and no one came so that’s why I’m here. When I try it says I can’t use this device so I tried using my phone and tablet but it didn’t work so I don’t know to do. And I looked in the discord and there is no support chat their is only a thread and you need to be verified to chat in it so I can’t get help. Any tips on how to fix this glitch? Please help me.

First of calling game administrators won’t help. Second can’t you verify in the discord server or can’t verify your discord account.

Sincerely Sircheese08.

the report tickets are in intel server

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Can’t verify in the discord server.

Yes but to make a ticket you need to verify your roblox account which I can’t do.

Hey thepro1411,

Please reach out to discord moderation who can better assist you with this issue.

To verify in our discord server(s), please do the following;

  • Run the /verify command in the bot commands channel;
  • Click the button that comes up and verify yourself via BloxCord;
  • Once done, run /getroles in the bot commands channel.

Please do not call a game administrator as this is misuse of the modcall system and you will be punished accordingly.

Best regards,
Prison Commissioner,
Stateview Community Management

We can’t really do anything if the user can’t verify