I want to get unbanned, explained down below!

So, i want to get unbanned. I got banned beacuse i was using “exploits”, i wanted to try an !NON FE! script if it works in any games, non fe means it does nothing whit other players it doesn’t effect gameplay.
its a script that makes you look cool and you can do cool sounds, other players do not hear the sounds or see your skin. I hope i will get unbanned! Hours put in the game: 6
Username: Kywelrex

non fe scripts they are cool but game still detected as a exploit

Does not matter which scripts your using, FE or NON FE, still detected exploits. You should not be enjecting anything in the game. Also if Roguard banned you, the game owners cant do anything about it.

I want to get unbanned in this game Because I opps kick someone but I will never again do this, that what I need to unbanned pls.

than try doing something uhhh idk but get unbanned man

Uhhh, if it didn’t affect gameplay you can probably appeal in the admin server.

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Hello, Kywelrex. I am alexelmejor2017, FD at Stateview, And I want to help you today. First of all: All scripts that are injected into the game are detected as exploits. If you got manually banned you can try to appeal your ban at the discord intel: Stateview Administration

If you got banned by the Ro-Guard you cannot appeal the ban, the only way to appeal it is by contacting 4D_X (Head Developer of Stateview) because he is the only person who can unban you through the Ro-Guard.

I hope I helped you and have a great day!

alexelmejor2017 - Facility Director
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Im wondering, do you even need proof for your ro-guard appeal, if you don’t, why don’t we make it just only kick people, as every single person (including people who actually hacked) can just appeal?

You can just appeal and be done, but it will be hard due to 4D_X doesn’t reply to his DM’s most of the time.

He replied to me

Cleared This Message Was Seen For 2+ Hours

Hi I was temporarily banned for literally no reason, I have no idea why they banned me. I was playing as a prisoner and was trying to escape like normal. Then I got kicked from that server and then I got banned the next day. Pls help me I am desperate, I have 23 hrs on the game. Pls pls pls help.

You can only appeal in the intel server ig

Stop posting this, do not make appeals here, use the discord servers.

type !intel in the main server to appeal, not here

He said he is removed from the main servers, not much we can do for him if that’s the case and he is banned from both servers :man_shrugging:

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Appeal there not here

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