I'm a power hungry SI, so I'm making this suggestion!

So it’d be nice for CP+ to have a special gun. I say CP, because this gun would be able to kill any officer.
If any officer is trolling, walking out of the facility or even in the CR, any CP+ would be able to get them out of there.

Why CP+?
Well, personally as an SI, think that CP is a hard rank to get, you need to be respectful, active and be professional. Instead, SI is not THAT hard to get, you can even buy it.
So I think that CPs wouldn’t abuse it.

Basically the concept of the guns that PC+ or Departments get, but for CPs+.

Or would you prefer cuffs?

Thank you for reading, give your opinions in the comments!

No. CP is also very ez


Just buy the m16 if you want to look cool but can’t afford other guns

Here we go again……


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Hopefully ‘He’ doesn’t see this post because if he does, game over. You’re done. He’s gonna roast this post like BBQ.

:skull: Who tf is he and, why am I dead?

MR does not deserve a unique weapon, someone already made a terrible suggestion like this, you are just power hungry

also CP is not difficult to get at all and just because they are CP, it doesnt mean they wont abuse, idek most of the new CPs, also: Discord

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Hello! Although I’d love my own weapon, we have to take into account people who purchased weapons. These people would be asking for refunds and even reduce sales in which keeps Stateview running. Possibly pushing this idea up to CAC+ would allow more fair play due to CAC+ having less play time in terms of actually playing the game and more hosting, supervising, etc.

Hope this helps,

  • Callum, CP, Senior Support Agent :pen:

Give this kid a pistol and he’ll be happy

Just dm me to buy a weapon

CAC+ already has their own, the AKM.

To be honest, it just doesn’t seem worth it to add a gun that can kill other officers because it doesn’t really work in roleplay because officers don’t tend to kill other officers and it usually isn’t justifiable 90% of the time. There would definitely be abuse and lots of unneeded arguments over this.

Conclusion: Just not worth it

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Now that you Saw It like that, I think you have a Point.

Who tf changed the time to “I’m a power hungry SI…” That wasn’t my title

Another trolling regular… as always.

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This trolling has been happening a fair bit recently


Sent them a message asking them too not do it

but we have no idea who did it…

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Who? All of them?


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