Immediately put in Max Security when joining game

My story goes as follows, I was cuffed and while I was cuffed I used the command !rejoin. When I joined back, I was in Maximum Security as expected or at least that I thought so. After the 2 minutes were over I used the command !rejoin again so I could go on the officer team, but when I joined again, I had to wait two minutes again. I asked in the Discord which a Superintendent said to wait 1 minute after you’ve been released from Maximum Security, I did and waited an extra 2 minutes more as well, and this time I just left the game and joined the game without using the command !rejoin. I was still in Maximum Prison and now every time I join the game I am in maximum prison for 2 minutes, please fix this.

If you want to reproduce this, just use !rejoin while in cuffs, this should reproduce the bug.


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Photo of Log:

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We located the issue causing this and have applied a fix. The fix will show inside of public servers within a few hours.