Implement "Help" button to new players

DEVs could implement a “Help” button on the home screen when you join a server and when you press that, it will show some rules not to abuse or other common rules like no spam and a small guide that tells you what you have to do, options to escape from prison, tells you that in this game there are sessions and a forum about the game, ranks and benefits, and with this basic information new players can be interested in the game and try to rank up in stateview.

There is already one on the side, but its so outdated, it saysto kos all armed inmates, but you’re suppose to tase, cuff, frisk and arrest.

Not outdated, you can mass murder inmates if theyre shooting at you lol, cuffing frisking etc is all optional, in the end its the same result, they get their weapons back and you repeat the cycle