Improve V3 gameplay

The V3 is freaking bugged please correct the bugs
They are to much, but I have a example…
When I put in first person, my left arm just start floating
And much more bugs…

Lack98_y (username),
stateview warden (ik you dont care about my rank)

another things I want

  • eletric chair back
  • you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • jk

Put this in the bug reports catagory #bug-reports

Huh, since when is v3 out? Or are u talking abt v1?

Talking about v2 updated

im talking about v3, not v1 or v2 updated

V3 isnt out as far as im aware….

Fuc k v3 stole my rank transfer money fucking scammers

V3 aint out

Oh v3 isn’t coming out any time sooner because I think the 500k update is just the updated version of v2