In what game did you spend the most time (hours)

Mine are Garry’s Mod with 2.529 hours, FiveM with 2.429 hours, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege with 1.966 hours, Arma 3 with 320 hours, Euro Truck Simulator 2 with 300 hours, GTA 5 with 244 hours and Fortnite with 216 hours

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How is this related to Stateview?

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It does not need to have anything to do with SV, I just want to make the discussion channel more active ^^
Check out Waffles or Pancakes or Chiefs or 49ers and tell me what this have to do with SV hmm? Ig you get what i am talking about.

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Mine is Minecraft PS4 with 4000 hours and then beamNG on PC with 3000.

Someone got my post taken down which was about ice cream cake vs ice cream.

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Hmm, My highest is probably… Roblox with over 1000 hours, and geometry dash with about 700H, maybe Spider-Man 2 is also up there.

Mine is GTA and Roblox, Roblox with over 2k+ Hours and GTA with 800+ hours.

Fortnite with 2300+ hours

I have priorities

2300+ hours :exploding_head: dang you’re really love that game huh xD

2,000 hours on Roblox, 800 hours on GTA, 700 hours on Fortnite, and 100 hours on War Thunder plus more.


Oh yeah that explains why I couldn’t find it anymore.

probably roblox, two worlds II, the elder scrolls iv and uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh maybe ravenfield

Probably fortnite - 1700+ hours

Yea I was mad how only my posts gets taken down but not the other ones.

Yes, I understand that you were mad about that but maybe it was a mistake by the person that took down your post but i don’t really know.



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Tf2 with 1.4K hours. Roblox I guess too but there’s no way of counting