Increase ban severity

I reported a person who had several infractions and clearly no intent of following the rules and they only got banned for 5 minutes??? What I’m suggesting is that the time of the first bannable offense should be raised from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. 5 minutes is way too short and they’ll just come back and do whatever again. It takes longer than 5 minutes to just make a ticket. Another thing I suggest is that when someone reached 10 bans for a certain infraction, they will be blacklisted as they can clearly not follow rules. Thoughts?

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They were prob just server banned, sv doesn’t ban people for 5 mins, there are only server bans and game bans
In-Game Rules & Moderation Guide

I saw someone have the opposite, they were using a gun on criminals who were running at him and punching him outnumbered and a staff put them on teamban. I feel thats bit unfair and couldn’t give a warning and last time I did that, I didn’t understand you weren’t allowed to do that so I did the exact same thing, yet the overseer gave me a warning. I understand what you mean, and I totally agree.

SVGA follows the Rule infractions guide. Rule breakers are given as many chances as possible to redeem themselves.

They would mostly receive a logged Verbal Warning before receiving a Server-Ban (5-min Gban).

If an Admin sees that an individual has a high amount of infractions when dealing with them, they can request to have the punishment increased, for example: changing a punishment from a VW to a ToolBan because of their past infractions.

And yes, when a user meets a certain number of infractions, they are GameBanned.