Increase the length of time before max and solitary inmates max and and solitary inmates get released

I don’t think that the 2 minutes in max is a long enough time to punish or deter inmates from rule breaking (someone even said they didn’t care about going to max because they’d get out in 2 minutes). 2 minutes also doesn’t give time for the status to change and transport inmates to max yard/ solitary lunch I’d like to see it slightly increased to between 3-5 minutes.


I agree, 2 Minute timer Isn’t a good feature. I Think They should Increase the Timer or remove it.


I think it should be like this,Max 5 minutes Solitary 7 minutes

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Or maybe max 30 min and solitary 45 min, don’t judge meh ok, i just like the yellow jumpsuit.;-;


I would say max 7/sol 5 as sol is most of the time for people who did minor things and max for major things. I would also recommend for people like dan that when the time is over a small button appears at the top left or so which you can click to respawn so you can keep your suit and the people would use max yard and sol cafe again. Ot isnt used since months now because of the timer.

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Ya yellow jumpsuit Is cool and it would be good bc if you’ve done something bad like kill 10+ cops after your 2 mins or increase that you would still be in kinda like a lower max sec

Also if you get arrested as a crim you get a max sec uni and it will be removed when you leave the server

Ps. It might be bad cuz it gives COs a reason to cuff you for 43 minutes.

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Thanks Jonah this is a good idea, although i won’t get it any time soon.

Or they will just afk halfway.

It’s fun in max/solitary. They need a “Request to stay” feature.


yes, you could suggest that. that is a good idea

yeah they didn’t used any of those that’s why i suggest this post :slight_smile:

I think it is cool because you feel like a threat to everyone like powerful so they put you in max.

My idea may take time to make, but why not add a panel where you can select placement and select the time of it. Obviously add a maximum time of like 10 mins, to avoid abusers placing 999999 minutes. I think is kinda good.

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and in the inmate section they can have a request to stay gui so they can stay there if they want to.

I totally agree with you and that time should be increased as when I ain’t a guard I just kill guards again and again. I think they should make Max Sec 10 minutes and 7 minutes in solitary. This is think will make people think twice and at least hinder the serial offender and murderers from immediately return.

They should maybe add like a system where HRs can have a punishment system where they can extend a Max sentence.
I know this might result in abuse but if it is only HRs then at least the won’t be as much as the Vote Kick

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Officers arresting should be able to actually CHOOSE How long the Inmate should be In there, From 2-45 Mins, And the prisoner will be prompted with a notification saying "Do you want to return to the prisoner team? This will stop roleplays from being ruined.

45 mins!!! NO, max time should be 10 mins to put and the inmates can choose afterwards if they stay max/sol

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As someone who only ever plays as an inmate and enjoys the roleplay aspect, yes please!

Switch the times, maximum Security is for more dangerous inmates that have done major things like shooting officers, sol is for minor offenses like using a knife or keycard.