Increased time in maximum security

I think the time in max needs to be increased or even removed. Because i think two minutes in max is really useless, like i understand why this time limit needed to make but also in my opinion its great for solitary but in max which should be the maximum punishment in the role play its really short time.
So atleast increasing the time to 5-10 minutes would make the max way more useful, but i also remember the time when there was no time limit and i really enjoyed role playing in max. Now it really dont have a place in the game.

#Searchbar But yeah, I agree, this definitly needs to be increased.

I agree 100%. I used to have good role plays as a psychopath in SOL. And 2 minutes will just postpone someone who bought an M4 and plans to use it.

Make max 5minutes and sol 3.5minutes