Information Regarding the Minimum age, Innitaiting a votekick and FAQ

Hello, I am Patrick2012YT. I am a Prison Inspector and I will Give you the Information about the minimum age, Innitating a votekick, FAQ and stuff, and some Help if you need! Please Look carefully if you need one of these help, Befo**re you do anything,I recommend looking if its a bug, If yes,Please report the bug so you can have a nice time again!

  1. Minimum age
    Everyone knows that to join the server,You must be 13+ or your countries Min. age to Access discord by discord legal (or so)
    However I can confirm that there are some people 13<, some get banned,Some get Kicked,some stay normal. But the problem here is that this is against Discord Terms. I dont want this neither even the 13< ones. So i make this clear again,MAKE SURE YOU ARE OVER THE AGE OF 13 BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ON DISCORD I also sometimes hear that from the server so please respect this and do what you need.

  2. Innitating a Votekick.
    To innitate a votekick,You must get DW,Some know that COMM was the min rank then it was Changed since they could LD when there was a raid and go in CR and could control more than even ERT can,Which i also find is enough,So they should just look for activity if possible. Also i see that there are unfair votekickes which some believe are real,But are not,i also got votekicked for this like for no reason. So i will say this for your info,You must be DW+ to innitate a votekick

  3. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    Lets say you purchased (idk what that means) a Gamepass. But it doesnt go, So 1st Make sure your in the group,Then make sure your not SSI as till their suspension is over they cant get ranked up,If you made it till so join the Stateview game, Go to the settings button,Then if you bought CO click the blue if MO its the Pink and If its ERT+ Click ERT button by scrolling down,If you scroll down you may also See High command which can be used for CP+ in order to get that role.
    Now if none of these work,It may be a problem,Maybe talk with another staff who can help! :smiley:
    Just to know,I am new to the forum,So please respect me And help me to get DW+! :slight_smile:

Sinercly, The Professional Nerver (Patrick2012YT@) (This is not my display name brah)

The high command team is fir CAC+

add to first point game minimum age you just said only about discord (but almos everybody knows what is minimum age for roblox and this game)

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You can be W while 13-. If you want to be CP+, you need to be 13+.

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ik but game is for everyone discord is 13+