Intel problem where I can't link my account to bloxcord or the bot

Hello, I can’t seem to link my account with the bot on/in intel. Does this happen to you?
If so, please reply.

It occurs every time. I do not know why.
It only happens in intel, or the admin server

dd20401m, Deputy Warden.

When you try to create your bloxcord account and link it to your Roblox account, does it give an error on Roblox authentication? This would mean that your Roblox account is under 13 (like mine, I messed up my age.) You could try Roblox support to correct your age. (They didn’t help for me, but they may help you)


Yes. My account is also under 13. I tried to contact them but didn’t help me. Hope they’ll help me soon enough.Thanks

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Hello, It’s because your account is under 13; if you’re above 13, contact Roblox support to have it removed. If you aren’t already. You can DM an Administrator to see what they can do. However, if you are under the age of 13, you should not use Discord since it may result in your account being banned. :wave: