Is crossing the lethal zone a reason to be killed?

A PI started to say If they cross lethal zone, shoot!, and I had to warn him for randomly shooting an inmate wanting to get to the status location. He told me to ask here on the forums if crossing that lethal zone is a reason to kill an inmate, so here I am.


Other SI’s told him that we cuff/taze and not shoot with the M4/G17 for some context.

I don’t really know. It is called “lethal zone”. When we have to think then we can tell every one eho gonna cross this line should be instantly killed. BUT guides are telling that using lethal fotce too much is nad. Welp I think You can use it but not too much. Sometimes when that inmate is crossing that line that just fot putted 3rd time to solitery for that then better way is killing on sight.(when there were any mistake irbis mistake because of autocorrect).


Hello, I’m A SI and no, that’s incorrect Red line is not considered as lethal zone, is considered as unathourized zone were you could cuff or tase to bring them away, this was implemented more for not get escaping many prisioners at time.


I do not know. For me when solitary is not working for inmates then kill. Maybe I am breaking the rules but it is called “lethal zone” not “unauthorized area”.


Yes. If you read the rules it will say why. It is passing the red box and they are most likely trying to shoot.

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Welp. I was reading the rules and do not cross line will not result in shoot-on-site inmate.

That’s what it is, it’s kill on sight if pass the red line without permission of a officer

I think better do not kill them.

Just read the sign RIGHT NEXT TO YOU

I rode it, but rules on forums > rules on sing.

Not really, you cannot kill someone that treaspasses the red line unless he haves weapons, also actually there’s non any command like authorized or unauthorized for give it to prisioners, by the way, prisioners are also not allowed to go freely on the prision, they must be cuffed by a officer.


It is true that there is a “Lethal Force” mark on the ground near the Intructional Lines, thus, we technically are authorised to kill inmates.
However, after reading the Discord announcement and the forum post, I understand that it’s unethical to kill inmates just because they pass the line. Instead, I believe we should try to RP by tasing and arresting them. I suppose that we could shoot them in case a lot of them escape at a time and we’re outnumbered.



Oh. You shouldn’t shoot? Did you know that?


You are yes allowed to kill the inmates if they cross the Red Line. It is always better to just cuff them and bring them back since it is more practical. When killing, you are not giving warnings but if there is a crowd/riot killing some inmates is easier.

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New status: my answer is wrong

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I mean, it is, HOWEVER, however you should always try to roleplay, and make it more realistic. There will always be someone trying to cross the red line. So try to roleplay it out, but it is allowed to shoot, but not recommended.