Is teamkilling punishable?

Sup everyone, I wondered if it is against the rules to shoot at crims or inmates as an inmate. It shouldn’t be, right? There is a dmg penalty so I can’t kill them all the time without dying aswell.

Because I got the Glock gamepass and I tend to shoot at armed inmates/crims who are killing officers.

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This is the most abuse of da abuse abusing I’ve ever heard

Yes , It should punishable


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Team killing inmates or criminals is not punishable, it is not even a rule. So you are allowed to kill other inmates/criminals as long as you are in the inmate/criminal team.

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After being on the forums for well over a year you finally post :skull:

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@rxmain I agree with you it shouldn’t be punishable

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Thank you! I already wondered why inmates would be able to punch each other but not use firearms and I can’t constantly kill everyone either bc of the damage penalty. That’s just fair ig.
I still have to deal with getting put in max for shooting but that’s just how the rules are even though I did nothing but remove hostile inmates.
I just hate riots.

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Omg yes! Some purple-haired Inmate kept killing me with his Glock 17.
The downside when they have the game pass for it is it they don’t loose it. He was targeting me cause I was level 200+.

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