Is there any way to get my old rank back?

So just wanted to say hi and thank you to anyone taking there time to read through this, so let me just begin with saying I played the old game " Stateview Correctional Facility" and I had two gamepasses but I really more cared about the one I spent 7k robux on since the game got delated, and have been wondering ever since is there a way I can get that back in the new game or do I just let that dream die out?

Old game like the 2019 one? But sadly there is nothing you can do for the old game. If “old” means like 2021 you should be able to claim the rank.

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Admin on the Stateview Prison Wiki

What rank was it and also, what year was this? If it was 2019/20 it will probably be a bit late but if it was 2021 plus, you might still be able to claim it. @Zackcooler can you back me up here?