Joshyy Administration Requests/Suggestions

Hello Everyone! I am your current SV Governor FNTJoshyy representing the Joshyy Administration and Executive Branch of Stateview Correctional Facility. Do you have any suggestions, comments, or proposals to the administration? You may comment down below and it should be replied upon within 48h of the reply.
Thanks for using the Stateview Forums and I hope you have a wonderful time!

My Discord: vJxshyy#0001
My AC’s Discord: alêx.#7262

FNTJoshyy - Governor of Stateview Correctional Facility

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A warn perms requesting channel, which anyone with ranking perms or CAC+ can see, so FDs dont have to DM all CACs one by one which takes a lot of time.

A punishment perms channel for CAC+ where CAC can request punishment perms (eg terming, suspending, and so on).

Thing is that 4D wouldn’t wanna make any more extra channels really, so if anything we are going to have to stick with directly messaging those ranks. Sorry if this doesn’t help, but its a very hard action to do as it could get me in trouble.

Fix the chairs?
Maybe like 1/10 of the chairs in the game is broken, you can’t sit on them and only can if you walk around looking for a invisible chair…

Auto clossing doors
-Dd3819 (Warden)

Maybe, for Shifts, there should be like a door control panel (Like cameras), kinda like the open certain cell door in the command center. It’s a dumb idea though…


pugsforeveryeet, Deputy Warden.

My idea is a large one and I just want to get it around to have it come close to being considered. There is a TL:DR at the bottom, although the main information about the idea is in the second huge paragraph, and yes, I am aware of the huge title and how it over explains.

Shut up fntjoshy
Joshy heh heh hey 30 character sheaf the hr w a

Add more mods here in the forum.

Definitely add more moderators for the forum. Kids keep making troll posts & reviving dead posts.

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Hello @Dorsal6434 and @ennddo .

I want to remind you that Joshy is not governor of Stateview anymore nor does he have any impact on the forum. If you want more moderators I suggest you go directly to the lead of this forums which would be 4D_X.


Forum Support

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