Just want to know the reason of several rules

-please don’t assume me for anything, I’m not targeting the game-

  1. Hinting, I want to know why it’s not allowed.
  2. Keeping in contact with blacklisted people, I don’t understand why we can’t contact blacklisted people.

If anyone could reply to this It would be great! This is just out of my curiosity and nothing more, please don’t mistake me for targeting and hating on the game rules, etc.

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The hinting rule is in place so that CAC+ Aren’t constantly bombarded with people asking for CP, or them indirectly asking to be noticed.

Keeping in contact with blacklisted users isn’t allowed because you could easily leak something without even realizing you are. They may convince you to leak to them and such also.


@therubyplaya already explained it great, id like to add on to that:

You are allowed to be in contact with blacklisted users, just not some of them, due to them actively trying to get you to leak information


Yup. You can keep in contact with most blacklisted users as long as you dont leak anything. There are a few blacklisted users i can think of that you definitely cannot keep in contact with. But yeah, most blacklisted users are fine.

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