Keyboard Bug unable to type

I have this bug once every 15 minutes ish my keyboard gets bugged this only occurs in stateview for me, what I mean by bugged is when I’m typing and click the letter a for an example the entire message deletes
For an example if I’m trying to say:
Hey! I’m Trixie your co-host, and I’ll be assisting in today’s shift.
It will come out as:
assisting in today’s shift.
this gets kind of annoying especially when helping or co hosting sessions.
The bug does get removed after saying !rejoin however I am unable to do that often in sessions so it would be great if it could get fixed .

This problem haven’t occurred for me. Btw, is it keyboard on mobile? And maybe it’s your device??

I’m on a laptop I can play other games without facing this problem and as soon as I rejoin the problem gets fixed so this might be more if a stateview or Roblox bug not a computer bug

Alright. But this problem havent occured for me though.

It may have occured to someone else but its defo a Roblox or sv bug as typing !rejoin works and that doesn’t mean I am resting my keyboard as I am able to code for hours with no problem

having a slightly similar issue, rather than some of the message coming out it happens where i’m randomly unable to type at all (chat box will pop up, but no letters can be inputted.) This happens in no other games so i’m 99% confident it’s an issue with this specific game but currently unsure when it happens. one fix i’ve found is joining another team, but even then it only SOMETIMES works. Wondering if anyone else gets this issue?