Kick command for wardens, and a removal of VK

I’ve seen a lot of topics about people wanting wardens to get admin commands, the problem with this is, that warden isn’t that hard to get, most people get it between level 20 - 35. And just don’t have enough experience to get things like res and ref, as many wardens I’ve seen still don’t fully know the rules, and there are even CP/FD who don’t fully know the rules. And most of them are at least level 150. Therefore my suggestion is: Give wardens who are in discord (Both servers), and are at least level 75 access to the kick command. And remove VK.

How this would work;
If a warden reaches level 75 in-game, a message would pop up in discord, with their username and ID. It would check if the warden is in both discord servers, then give the player a badge called “kick perms”. Kicking someone would be basically the same as a CP+ kicking someone, except that wardens will have to log kicks with proof in the intel server, as this would also be a good practice for if they ever get CP. Falsely kicking someone would result in a gban, a permanent ban from “kick perms” and a demotion.

Why this would be better then VK;
First of all, they won’t have to walk all the way to the HICOMM offices, which is just annoying to do.
They also won’t be able to kick higher higher ranks, as the kick system prevents this.
And the person getting kick won’t be serverbanned anymore, but just kicked, which would make it so that false kicks won’t be that worse anymore.

And I for anyone wanting to say that wardens would get too much power, currently DWs can already serverban, which is stupid as it does the same as the “Worst” command from CP/FD, serverban.

Also, they should give wardens access to view and pm, as this would help getting proof for the kick/warning the player first.

In my opinion, they still shouldn’t get res/ref, as these commands don’t have to be logged, and will be abused way more, as it just feels like a “less abusive command”.



I agree, but to kick they should be in both discords, and it should have a 5 minite cooldown and if they kikc with put logging in the next 5 minutes, they should bbe banned for a week, and perms to kikc are taken away. You can have a bot check if they logged it.

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Aren’t you a Community Advisory Counsil (CAC)?

-Dd3819 | Warden (W)

He is indeed, yes. But that shouldnt matter.

Yep, i made this post a couple months ago lol

I would say that Wardens can res / ref but only on them self, would be useful sometimes.


How could that ever be useful
Ur not allowed to use these commands on the inmate team