Kicked fro game for gun abuse

I was recently kicked from game for 5 minutes for gun abuse. However I was not a guard the entire time. Nor were we spawn camping. Me and my friend were both issued the 5 minute ban. I think that a mod was abusing. why was I kicked.

If you really think that it is abuse, open a ticket in the intel server.

Admin on the Stateview Prison wiki.

Hello Sir,

If you think your punishment was wrong, please open a ticket on our Intel server so we can review your punishment. And can help you if necessary.

Kind regards
Chief of Staff
Game Administration Deputy Director
Stateview Moderation Department

Hello, as previously stated, open a ticket on the intel server, and I believe you cannot be banned for 5 minutes for gun abuse. Except in the case of an admin mistake, there is no 5-minute ban.