LD buttom doesnt works for some persons

Please include the following in your reports.

  • Description:LD cannot be enabled/unenabled by some persons.
  • How often does it occur:Always
  • Where does it occur:Always
  • How to reproduce:Even when you are clicking a lot,it doesnt works.I use to call another person to,normally,unenable it.
  • Video showing the bug:

Not a big, intentional. Correctional Staff cannot activate lds due to COs abusing.

No but not even some wardens can use it

Wardens on Correction Staff Team cant turn LD on. No one can on/off ld on Corrections Staff Team

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No but even on ERT I cannot turn it on

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You can it must be a bug, maybe you might be Medical staff team

I realized its not a bug,CO team just cant turn it on.Anyways,thanks for replying.

I am a warden and I can’t active lockdown for a while now @dr.brown1

You cant activate on co team

If your a CO or on the CO team you can’t activate it because so many CO’s would abuse it.


But MOs on the MS team can, also a CO can just change to the MS team