Let CP+ be able to cuff officers, instead of CAC+

Hello, I know you may think a lot of CP’s will abuse, but here is why we should add in in the game. So first when you are hosting a shift in the CR a ton of People below COMM come in and ruin you’re shift and all you can say is “Out!” which is not that effective.

No we got 700 cps and a lot of them (probably 50-90%) will abuse it

I would agree for FD+ as we can punish people but no not for CP’s which we have like 1012

Also ask your supervisor to kick people out of CR because they should do that :confused:

I think it should be FD+ as we have around 1k CPs. More than half of them would abuse this feature.

Definitely a bad idea because around 800+ CPs will defo abuse it

No, because some FDs may also abuse this

Some Chairpersons come from the Chairperson gamepass which they intend to abuse their rank saying there the boss and stuff. If Chairpersons did have the opportunity to cuff staff, it would be absolute chaos and most likely would be abused like the admin commands that Chairpersons used to have.

Just tell your supervise to ref them upon dismissing

Ngl this would be abused a lot, even if you think if it wouldn’t. Most of the CPs bought the rank and some would just use randomly to pretend they are powerful when in reality the are no one :skull:

They aren’t powerful, they’re literally kinda like a upgraded W or a superupgraded DW. Well, actually CPs are just a DW except for a few extra features.

You have a supervisor to deal with that

Only CAC+ can do that FD+ can’t

I wouldnt even say FD+ its not needed you need a cac so just lock the door in sessions and if they cant follow rules around the prison report them or kick them

Bro… FD+ Can punish people and use HR Commands

FDs job. If a CP gets allowed access to cuff officers - that’ll be abuse. On top of that, FD can cuff them because they’re your supervisor.

Bro… we got over 60 fds and you expect them not to abuse it :skull: nah

Ik but I was already told that before… But yes

I agree with everyone else. I think it’s a bad idea to let CP cuff officers, but I think it’s a better idea to let FD+ cuff other officers.

I think that GA should have this power.