Level Requirement


I’ve been wondering for some time what the level requirements are for the different ranks CP+?
No one really knows, so maybe someone here will explain?

Can someone please tell me?

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As far as i remember, the level requirements from W to CP which was lvl 75 was removed. From that point i haven’t heard anything else and probably the level doesn’t count that much anymore, but wait for other responses too as I’m not so sure.

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You’ve given me the same response as many others, I begin to think there is no requirement.

For CP+ there is no level requirements as many people who get FD are like 149+ me myself I have 180 and like there are FD’s with level 446 but no there is none level requirements it’s just the ammount of sessions that you participated in.

skoseck, Facility Director

Thank you so much! Finally someone who could give me an answer.