Levels reset back to 0

Please include the following in your reports.

  • Description: Before i was banned which i sent a appeal ticket, I was level 0 but rank deputy warden!!!
  • How often does it occur: ALL THE TIME!
  • Where does it occur: everywhere
  • How to reproduce: Uhh???
  • Video showing the bug: i cant cuz im banned., but when im unbanned i can take a screen shot of my level
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The lvls reset for everyone and i’m not sure if you can appeal the lvl thing since lvl transfers closed a long time ago

this has happened to everyone after the raid, you cant get levels back anymore


Ignore that.

I got mine back after they were closed by DM’ing Siryeet.


4D specificly states NOT to gove them anyone back. Even khaia and thehotplaya lodt their levels. They learned to cope tho

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I wonder who thehotplaya is :wink:

Must be cool for johansexy to mention him!

The level reset happened to only MOST of the people in Stateview, but mine did not. I am level 90 even after the raid and or update, my levels did not reset.

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Impossible, the server data got deleted, its not possible that your levels survived. You either started playing after the raid or requested levels back. Or you simply got 90 more levels after you lost your original level

I played even before the raid, I was level 50 and my level stayed the same, I never lost my old levels, The rest I grinded my level 90

Is it possible to get them back now like so long later.

short answer, no

That’s what I thought. And how do you make it that short.

I add secrets in my messages

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