Lockdown Button Bug

Unable to use LD button.

This didn’t used to happen when I was Warden but now I am Superintendent it doesn’t work. It works once every so often but 99% of the time it doesn’t.

Are you on ERT team? LD button is ERT team only I think.

Not how it works it works for both teams no matter what rank. They clearly didn’t set SI rank properly.

Wrong. I always play on ERT and it never doesn’t activate LD. And now I tried it on Corrections and it doesn’t work. I also remember having to wait for someone on ERT to come deactivate LD once.

I’m pretty sure it’s just CO Team in genral that can’t activate LD.

I’ve seen many cadets just walk in the control room and just like an abusive cadet, they turn on LD. I don’t think this is true.