Lockdown Features

This is 2 suggestions

Suggestion 1:

You should make when lockdown all doors in everywhere gets shut

Suggestion 2:

Lockdown options like lockdown all facility, yard, showers, etc


I really like the idea that you can lock specific places, but what do you mean with everyone gets shut?


I like it too, this way it would be more useful for criminal roams to end quicker and for that 1 area to be un secure rather than the whole prison.

I agree with this as IRL prisons have this so it would be a good idea.

all the doors get shut, like every door in the facility gets closed if there is a lockdown of all facility

Oh I understand. I think it is a really great idea but if the doors would get completely shut so you cant open them it would be abused and most of the doors are closed most of the time anyways. But I agree with the second part. I think it should show say “Lockdown (yard)” or something if you lock a specific place so everyone knows where the crims are located

I love this idea, however, it can get abused easily.