Make A Moderator Call button

Make a mod call button so when there is a troller or exploiter we can report them just using the button instead of going into the discord server and doing it the long way.

This would end up getting misused/spammed and would end up becoming more of a problem than a solution. Simply calling for a CP on the radio (when one is online (And not busy)) will usually suffice.

I think it should come in the form of a command (eg) !callmod As this would be way less spammed then a button by 5 years old who just like to press buttons…


And if a person would abuse this command to call an admin for no reason, they should be blacklisted from the command on the server.


There is this game called RGT and some admins make videos recording there job and it is crazy how much fake calls they get. If this does happen, this should need a picture as a reason, and a 10 minute cooldown. Plus discrord is good enough.

I think you should because there might be a abuser or troller.

I think this is a great idea, it would make SVP a nicer place to be. But it will be used to troll admins or mods.

We would gban people who troll it

If someone abused it,then the mod will gban the player who clicked the call mod button.

Gameban? It is a permanent ban from the game. Server ban would be a way better solution than perm banning.

There should be a call mod button that sends a message to like a channel in the server only FD+ can see then a moderator can arrive and assist you.

Can you please NOT revive dead posts?

Would be used eay too often, cant agree

A gameban is with infractions, the first gameban is only 7 days