Make a new rank between FD and CP called Facility Manager

There should be something in between CP and FD, It would be called Facility Manager. If you think there is a better name just reply me the name. Perks of this rank could be:

Access to hosting shifts
(Just like CP)

Access to handcuffs that can cuff LRs
(Only LRs not MRs)

Access to co-hosting trainings
(Just like CP)

Have FD Admin with some commands revoked
(To ensure no abuse happens)

Be able to use the sit command.
(Only on LRs, during trainings the Supervisor can just sit the MRs+)

Be able to supervise Shifts
( Just like FD, but should only supervise 3 times a day. Also includes all commands needed for supervising shifts)

` Their own unique team from FM [Facility Manager] to FD [Facility Director]
( Discussed in a different post)


Also!!! They cannot host trainings.

This could improve activity. I say this because this will make it so there are more people available to supervise. Therefore more hosting.

We don’t need more ranks… We have more than enough

Absolutely not. We do NOT need any more ranks between Warden and Chairperson.

Former Community Advisory Council

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We hare 3 mr ranks… let me count the HR ranks and lets compare em.

Lets count SVL here. (hr and svl are barely different)

Just no.

No one wants this


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There’s 3 HR ranks. Also, the difference between Leadership ranks and HR ranks are huge.


Just no. The new rank is not needed and its useless and Cuff perms??? FD doesn’t have that…


Exactly. The rank isn’t essential or anything and this will just make getting HR ranks harder.

Exactly, the harder the better.

I strongly disagree, i just think it is useless as you can just attend inspection every week, and you have CP, or even FD in no time.

ToMys0987, Facility Director.

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there is no point in adding this its just FD but with more power which is CAC and we dont need more ranks as already stated

Definitely had a lot of strong feelings in the comments. I intend to agree and disagree on this for a few reasons. With more roles comes more opportunities for progression within HR/MR. Stateview has a massive number of roles already however, so this may cause issues in terms of management in activity, professionalism and all the other traits expected from them. Overall I would probably lean more towards the negativea than positives however theres always a chance of revisiting this when the new Stateview is released.

Hope this helped,

  • Callum [SI, Training Support Agent]
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