Make a ping for trings/shifts etc

Make it have a ping so we don’t have to check every 3mins it sucks to look then you look in like 5mins just to see one was hosted and you can’t get to it so that’s why I think we sured add ping


Hey there badinyan,

I highly doubt this will ever be added due to the fact that if it was added it would result in mass pinging. Please do note that you can always change your privacy settings for the sessions channel so you’ll be notified when a session does occur.

Facility Director,
Stateview Community Management

I mean they could make roles and if you want to get pinger you tap on it and they only use that role

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As of 10/01/2023 0:00 CET there were over 50 sessions hosted here on stateview… and that would be over 60 pings because some were cancelled.

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Actually, this is a good idea. But it’s pretty annoying when you get SI.