Make a quota for Superintendents

The way this would work is they should have a quota of atleast 100 minutes spent in game each week. Then Bloxcord will track their minutes each week and at 11:59 every Sunday the bot will demote the SIs who have not met the minute requirement for the week. This way the rank of SI can finally get some respect and then the bad ones will be filtered out. It also makes it easier to choose ones for Chairperson as they have all shown some degree of dedication. It also prepares them for quota. Thoughts?


Less time. 100 minutes is more then CP quota. Also, don’t demote them. What would be good is that is they don’t reach about 40 minutes per week, any CAC+ will be notified so that they know that, that SI is not suited for CP.

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That’s very good idea, I would say around 30-40 minutes quota is perfect (Im saying this as SI)

I think there’s a reason we don’t have SI quota though, because there are just too many of them already. So many SIs would fail every single time and it would so hard to keep up with all of them. It’s must easier to look over CPs and above as there are fewer users at those ranks. I don’t think SIs need a quota, as they already have ways to show everyone that they are more active than the rest. SI is also obtainable by training, which would need to be changed if a quota is implemented. This is because many users who go up the ranks by just doing trainings, never join the discord, and would likely be unable to complete any sort of quota. The only way SI quota would be possible is if there was a massive reform of the SIs, and made it a requirement for them to join the discord if they actually want to progress. Of course, this would lead to even more problems as a majority of the current SIs are on mobile and underaged. (Guessing here, but it would make sense, correct me if I’m wrong) Overall, SI quota will just not work for a variety of reasons currently.

it will be impossible to manage 3000+ SI, so it should be automated, and they should be demoted because it’s not a good sign if they cant even keep up with just a minute quota

having them auto demoted if they do not meet their quota will greatly lessen their numbers though, and also, less people will have SI then because they dont want quota

Yes. Just yes. No arguments, its just a yes.


It would be only hard at start, after it most of that SI would be deacresed from that 3k to i don’t know, maybe 2k or 1k Also there is a chance to get it automated.

Give SI quota with no LOA so SI have to play!

The idea is pretty positive but then the SIs would have to use LOA (Leave of Absence).

LOA must be applied to this fact as if the SIs are in an area or region in the world which blocks Roblox and Discord. How will you feel if you didn’t have VPN in a region which blocks Roblox and Discord?

Just have LOA and I’m definitely fine with it.

Then why are they playing its blocked for a reason…

If they on holiday or a trip, duh.

I am ok with that, I think it would be a great idea to filtwr good SIs, from bad SIs!

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cm go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I’m here to talk about why this would be a bad idea. First and most importantly, we would need all 4 thousand superintendents to be in Main.
/ Intel Which is not going to ever happen.

Also BC dosnt have configurations to use that system. And CM isn’t staffed enough to handle that many people.

Quota isn’t even needed for them, what are they going to do? Co-host for quota? What?? Like CP-BOG have a purpose to be in game. They have reasons like hosting/ supervising. But SIs don’t. And it’s not like we need more hungry SIs.

CM | High Command
CM | LOA officer

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I strongly disagree with the idea. Looking at the situation with the Chairpersons, we’re often losing them due to quotas. Now, imagine giving quotas to Superintendents too, this would lead to a significant loss of SIs. Stateview really needs SIs, ensuring a continuous pool for future CPs.

During my time as a Superintendent, I found it fulfilling. While it gave some authority and made me earn some respect, my primary focus was on departments rather than aiming to become a CP. I appreciated the flexibility of contributing even outside a department without the fear of missing quotas.

SIs undergo training to become CPs, and I believe it’s entirely fair. Introducing quotas for SIs would create unnecessary stress, considering their dual role in training and fulfilling departmental responsibilities.

(Thank you to Chat GPT for helping me make this make sense)

Personally as an SI, my initial thoughts were 100 minutes is too low ngl but I think what he said was a perfect idea

no. Quota for SI will be chaos