Make a warning check

Overall as a staff member and a prisoner I have noticed many people simply just vote kick or ban people for unfair and unreal reasons. With this said I think there should be one of two things. 1 increase the rank so that you can’t but your way to kicking people and make a system where’s its like Bloxxed Hotels where you have to ask a MR who can check if what your saying is correct. Or as the second option you can make a screen where all the kick reasons go to a HR channel where HRs can review who, why, and was the kick fair.


I agree! This could be useful! Good idea!

There already is basically it logs everytime someone votekicks

But we can make warnings so that if they do something not worth a VK we can warn them. We could also use this to replace the DWs VK abilities. Maybe now they can only warn?
-Warden RaeDaElf