Make DW+ the only ones to actually be able to activate LD. Plus some other stuff

It should detect your rank if you want to toggle a LD, and if you’re under DW, then it will give you a message like “You must be at or above the rank of Deputy Warden.” If it detects that you are a DW, then it should make you put in a reason which could be put under review, maybe, MAYBE by SI+, and then activated, and if the reviewer denies the LD, then they should put in their reasoning as to why they denied it. If someone has a history of bad reviews, they could maybe lose those perms, so the game never gives them the LD review. Also, this is a long post, but make COMM really the only ones to be able to enter the CR, like maybe give ERT or under a 5-10 second timer, and then spawn them outside the CR and tell them to not go into it again. Also give (I forgot the exact rank for the chair) DW+ or W+ a keycard that can only access the execution rooms, so it isn’t CAO bait, and close it after like 5 seconds if it’s left open.

its better to leave it so we can BAN THESE NOOBS!!!

best regards

Commander is fine, I just think that nobody below the rank can go in. ERT- aren’t allowed, but they still have the ability to.

It is so fun. “Hahaha am in da control room and I wil no get out u stupid”. Then the mods actually come… “ABUSE. Admn Abuuse!”. You report them and IA bans them. They seeing that they are banned. “Ammm inocant!” Mostly they are 7 year old kids who their brains are the size of nut.