Make it so that there is a cap limit for Chairperson: And remove the gamepass for CP

Make it so there is a cap limit for cp because there are like around 1k cps rn and it is abusing, demote maybe the ones that bought it because what is the point?

Also remove the gamepass for cp there are way too many abusers and underaged.

CPs no longer have a age limit or a rank limit because CPs no longer have to be in dizzy, so its fine having so many CPs because they have no more power than DWs (except for hosting/co-hosting shifts and co-hosting trainings if they are in dizzy)

what is my hard work for?


Not really hard work, get good and work for FD :+1:

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Agreed, I like the fact there is now more CP as the CP who put work in will be noticed as there are more CP that do not put in any activity, really if they be active for a month or two they will almost always be an FD.