Make it that you can't open Reward Inventory when your rank is SSI

Make it that you won’t be able to open Reward Inventory when your group rank is 2 (Suspended Security Inmate)
so no more bypassing ranking punishment. (Suspension / Termination) (Not rank buyer)

What about CO quiz? When your SSI you can take the quiz and then claim the rewards and you cant remove CO quiz for SSI rank as else terminations would be permanent.

When they got terminated they’re allowed to take CO quiz.

I agree
Btw @hankschrader911 it will stop a decent portion, not all, but quite some

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Thats exactly what I meant, you cant remove CO quiz (which would be bypassing if youre suspended) because you need it when you were terminated. If you take CO quiz you would get all level rewards back. And @Blub20074 ik it would stop much people so yes, this should be implemented but dou can still bypass it.

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Oh wait, do you mean that when they got terminated they can take the quiz but not if theyre suspended? How would the quiz center know if they were termed or suspended, also you can just leave the group and reclaim your level rewards after joining again.

No idea if this is new but its in game now apperently: