Make raiding the SR gbannable, or re-add the border

I was hosting a shift 5 minutes ago, we kept getting raided, and in the end, we only had a picture of me, the co host, and 1 attendee. Its really annoying this, therefore, my solutions are:

  1. Make raiding the SR gbannable: this will stop a lot of people from doing it I get the point that this would be a harsh punishment, but they are literally just raiding the SR to make other’s people’s experience bad, which shouldn’t be tolerated, just serverbanning really doesn’t stop them.
  2. re-add the Inmate/criminal border: This will make sure inmates/criminals can’t get to the SR anymore.
  3. Make raiding not having to be logged, as this takes up a lot of time and its hard to get proof during hosting. I get that people could falsely serverban with this, but just make it that only FD+ can do it, as CP need a supervisor anyways.
  4. Give the SRlock command to FD+, so we can lock the SR when all the attendees are in.

This would really help hosting, as currently the change of being raided is like 95%.


This would help so much as i saw today while you were hosting.


I agree, server-banning takes way too long, obtaining proof is a pain. Sure you can kick them, but that doesn’t change anything. Hell, server-banning doesn’t change anything.
As good ol’d grandpa Hredtick used to say:
“If it’s one, it’s many and if it’s many, it’s death.”


But the kick ui is also confusing and making sure you are picking the right one.
And grabbing the exactly the correct name can also be a bit challenging.

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CAC+ can lock the SR for trainings so they could just do the same for shifts while starting and ending, there has to be a CAC+ when a CP hosts anyway so it wouldn’t even need extra staff there

They can still shoot you through that wall, thats why he made this post. If CACs could just close it it would be fine but crims can still kill you through that border

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But FD dont need supervision for shifts