Make SVP more mobile-friendly

I feel like SVP would be better if mobile players were given the option to sprint and walk. In trainings, helpers need to be the target, but they need to walk. It becomes much harder for attendees of the training and for the target.

Mobile can already automatically sprint

When they walk normally they are sprinting
About your training problem uhh just walk slower (it’s quite easy)

It isnt as easy hes right lol mobile really hard

On mobile for trainings if you take your joystick and you move the sphere just outside the circle that is a good speed.

That is what I was telling him to do or just switch to PC

Yey, right playing as guard is so Hard on phone. I know it bc i played on phone.

Yea man totally just switch to pc yk isnt so hard expecially if your parents dont allow you to get one or you just dont have the money to

:confused: I don’t mean to insult you Jonah I’m just giving ideas

You didnt insult me lol just saying it doesnt work like that