Make the criminals after arresting being teleported to max security/solitary

I would be happy if the criminals after arresting would be teleported and putted to max/solitary for like 2 or 1 minute, and they wouldnt get weapons for 3 minutes. I hate when I arrest criminal and after 2 minutes they are again criminal because of gamepass weapons and fake keycard. I dont want to be gamepass weapons removed just to be grabbed for person for 3 minutes.


I understand why you had the idea for this, but I disagree for the following reasons:

  • If this was implemented, playing as a criminal would be way worse. Escaping would mean 2 minutes in max/sol after being arrested, wich would be demotivating.

  • As a guard, you are supposed to protect the exits and eliminate or punish rioting inmates. If the inmates manage to escape immediately, you failed.


Inmates get punished for being in unauthorised areas and attempting to escape, so why should criminals, who obviously did that, not be punished for it?

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Simply, it’s because they didn’t get caught.

This might only partially make sense, but to decide, I think you should look from the perspective of the criminals.


Hello @kublestres1103,

Heres why I would disagree with your suggestion.
I. This would make being a criminal a huge pain and it would be very frustrating.
II. Also, if they escaped because of you, it’s your fault.


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